Tube for Viral Collection

Innovative tube with a flat base that allows its use standing upright directly on the laboratory bench.

It has a conical internal shape at its base that allows the centrifugation of the sample to form a vortex of the liquid in the tube resulting in a rapid release and dispersion of the viral particles in order to allow a better extraction of the viral RNA from the SWAB sample.

Exclusive screw cap with an internal self-sealing toggle shape that prevents sample leakage even in conditions of intense agitation or material drop; it is an important solution that avoids contamination of users involved in the collection, transport and handling process within the laboratory.


  • Leak-proof lid.
  • It does not contaminate user.
  • Allows standing on the laboratory bench.
  • Free of DNAse and RNAse.
  • Sterilization by Gamma Radiation

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