Viral Transport Media

Viral transport medium (MTV) specific for COVID-19, FDA and ANVISA listed and registered, produced according to the latest FDA guidelines. It was developed considering the high transmission rates of the virus and the enormous difficulties of transport and storage in Brazil.

The only means of viral transport on the national market that must be transported and stored at room temperature. This solves the country’s major logistics problems.

The only product produced in the national market that keeps the viral sample for 5 days after collection at AMBIENT TEMPERATURE and if necessary after these 5 days it can be kept for another 3 days at refrigerator temperature (2 to 8 degrees). It can also be frozen at minus 70 degrees.

Packed in the only tube on the national market with an anti-leakage thread system, the system of 3 internal rings on the lid’s thread prevents the leakage of biological material, avoiding the possibility of contamination of the user who is handling the sample collected in the tube.

The only tube on the national market, conical with a flat bottom, allowing it to stand on the laboratory bench, without the need for a support shelf.

Packed in a box with an internal shelf for 50 units, there is no need to purchase an extra shelf to store the tubes during collection.


  • Registered with FDA and ANVISA.
  • Validity of 18 months.
  • Transported and stored at room temperature.
  • Anti-leakage tube, does not contaminate the user.
  • After collection, keep the sample for up to 5 days at room temperature and another 3 days at refrigerator temperature (2 to 8 degrees).
  • Entirely national production not depending on imports.

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