27 years aligned with our clients and their objectives

bioBoaVista is a company that believes in the work and partnership between its faithful employees, customers and suppliers. Focusing on innovation, it seeks to meet the demands of the market by establishing alliances and businesses that thrive in the long term with success and profitability for all. The philosophy is centered on commitment and partnership, firmly believing in respect for customers, thus addressing their needs as a priority..

Custom Made Products

We manufacture and custom make culture media in special presentation according to the needs of our customers..

Qualified Professionals

We count on a highly qualified workforce composed of biologists, pharmacists and veterinary practitioners.

Quality control

Quality control laboratory where quality control tests are carried out on all batches produced.

Areas of operation

Microbiological diagnosis for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, veterinary, clinical and poultry industry.

Innovating, manufacturing and selling with quality and technology, continuously improving processes, strengthening the production chain, valuing the commitment of the organization, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Develop, produce and market products aimed at satisfying its users.
Create differentiations and positive expectations in a daily basis in order to be recognized and valued by all our customers, suppliers and employees in our market.

Being competitive, adding knowledge and innovation, aiming at continuous improvement in internal processes and quality of services, seeking to integrate the reality of the market with that of our company. Counting on motivated and proactive employees.

Quality, social responsibility, sustainability, technical knowledge, transparency, ethics, commitment and respect for others.

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